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 Welcome to SC Flight Track Club in Irvine!
Expect the best. That's more than just our motto. It's our commitment to our student athletes, our parents and guardians, our business partners and sponsors. We created SC Flight because we believe that the true spirit of competition brings out the best in us all - and that's exactly what we're about. Through our athletic endeavors, we hope to teach lessons in a dedication to excellence, teamwork, sportsmanship, and citizenship that will create benefits for a lifetime. 

Flight athletes having a good day at Shockwaves Invitational

Mission Statement


Our goal is to bring science-based, athlete-centered coaching and instruction to the youth athlete. Our ultimate goal is to build up the person not just the athlete. We don’t coach the high jump. We teach athletes to jump higher. We don’t coach the sprints. We teach athletes how to be faster. We empower growth mindsets and encourage our student athletes to expect the best. Track and field can be an effective conduit for learning some very valuable lessons. Success is more than personal records and medals. Winning is more than making trips to the podium. It is not a zero sum model. Winners can be found in attitude, in effort, in improvement and in teamwork.

USATF youth track and field junior olympics

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If you'd like to support our mission to enhance the lives of our youth, please consider a donation. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, making  your contributions  tax deductible (and extremely appreciated). We want to make sure that  no young person is left out because of financial issues.

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